What is the admission process at the hospital like?

Day -1: The admission is the day before surgery between 2 and 3pm. Go to admission (“OPNAME”) on the ground floor of the hospital. You will be shown to your room.
In the afternoon there will be some exams:

  • Pre-operative exams at the pre-op department: blood exam and maybe an electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Special RX from hip and pelvis (need to measure and plan your hip prosthesis) at the radiology department
  • Maybe RX of the lungs, also at the radiology department
  • Shaving of the hip area
  • Cleaning/showering with special antibacterial soap
  • The doctor anaesthetist will come by: a potential epidural can be discussed with them
  • An arrow will be drawn on the leg that will be operated on (this can also be the morning of the surgery)

Day 0: Surgery. In the morning or afternoon you will be brought to the operation theater. In the pre-operative waiting room your identity and the correct side of your surgery will be double checked. The patient will be put on a drip and brought to the operation theater. The surgery lasts 1 to 1,5 hours. After surgery, you will be brought to the recovery room where you will stay for about 2 hours until you are awake enough and comfortable to return to your room.

Day 1: Start rehabilitation

  • Drip will be removed
  • Painkillers per os
  • First steps with physiotherapist and exercises from bed

Day 2: Further rehabilitation and potential discharge from the hospital. Is your pain under control, can you walk with 2 crutches and get out of bed by yourself, then you can go home.

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