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–   Pioneers in the treatment of hip disorders

–   World renown in hip resurfacing

–   Over 18.000 surgeries worldwide

–  Fast recovery through minimal intervention

–   Expertise in complicated cases

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AZ Jan Palfijn – Gent, Belgium

Surgeries take place at AZ Jan Palfijn.

For consultations, visit us at Anca Medical Centre in Sint-Martens-Latem.
Make an appointment.

Anca Clinic Gent

AZ Zeno – Knokke, Belgium

For both consultations and surgeries, visit us at the AZ Zeno hospital in Knokke.

Book your consultation on Thursday afternoon with dr. Van Quickenborne.

Anca Clinic Knokke

Paideia International Hospital – Rome, Italy

This private clinic in the heart of Rome leads in healthcare and research into technological innovation.

Call and make your appointment.

Anca Clinic Rome

Our Team



Dr. Koen De Smet
Head Anca Clinic
& orthopedic surgeon

Dr. Geert De Loore
Orthopedic surgeon


Dr. Damien Van Quickenborne
Orthopedic surgeon

Bart De Roest
& assistent

Marie Dedeckere
& assistent consultations

Sophie Vanderlinden


Our Patients





Jannes Vercaemst   🇧🇪
European champion Thai boxing

Bella Backe   🇸🇪
Swedish champion kickboxing

Paolo Bolaffio   🇮🇹
Founder Makatoi Karate

“Eight months ago I (female, 46 years) was not able to walk the 10 minutes from the station to my work, due to the huge pain in my hips. 7 months later I ski black slopes in France. My right hip was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. As a sub-top Olympic distance triathlete this was quite a confrontation. I had to stop immediately with running and triathlons. Now I ski with my family black slopes in France and it looks if nothing happened! Hiking, swimming and biking also go very well. Thank you Koen for your excellent expertise, extremely good aftercare and your excellent professional team.”
– Pieternel Levelt, Netherlands

“I’m a very active 62 year old who chose resurfacing because I dreaded the reduction in activities with a THR. Koen was very communicative in helping me reach the right decision. On my bicycle a month after surgery and doing hard bike tours in the mountains in 4 months. Now I’m skiing black runs better than ever with no pain. Thanks be to the highly skilled Dr. De Smet and his team in Gent.”
– John Adams, Colorado, USA

“8 months post-op and my new hips are amazing! I’ve been able to do all aspects of farming and carpentry, including re-roofing a large house with no problems. Even my chiropractor is amazed at how “normal” my movements and day to day activities are. I tell everyone that if it wasn’t for the scars, I wouldn’t say there was anything there. Mountain biking and cross-country skiing again after several years of torture was close to heaven!!”
– Christopher Hurley, Maine, USA

“Koen gave me my lifestyle back with a resurfacing of my left hip. I am back to playing beach volleyball and leading an active life. The results were great. I am probably one year away of having my other hip resurfaced. I will go into the surgery with no trepidation and with great confidence.”
– John Buch, USA

“I just returned from vacation where I ran and played in the surf, danced the nights away in high-heeled sandals, jogged on the beach, rode bikes, and felt absolutely WONDERFUL the entire time! I am participating in sports and activities I thought I would never be able to do again.”
– Janet Lynda Moulton, Washington DC, USA

“I recently returned from my re-surfacing surgery with Dr De Smet. I can not express how grateful and blessed I was to have chosen this doctor and his wonderful clinic. All my apprehensions about the travel, care and the surgery were relieved once I came under their care. The level of genuine care and attentiveness was remarkable. If you are looking for the best hip surgeon then look no further than Koen De Smet! I have a new lease of life!”
– Keith Williams, Georgia, USA

“The second anniversary of my new hip and I completed running my third half marathon since the surgery. Before the surgery, I could barely walk. I was eating in a gourmet restaurant in Gent 2 days after my surgery, ran (walked) my first 5 km race 5 weeks after the surgery. I’m still running without pain or discomfort. I’ve played soccer, wrestled, golfed, backpacked, and completed all tasks without a problem or fear.”
– Roger Walker, Oklahoma, USA

“I have gone from constant pain to no pain at all. I play paintball, walk all day, spend all day on my feet, jog, and I have even Bungee Jumped (A BIG NO! NO!) with no problems at all. I recommend Dr De Smet & his team to anyone! A fantastic surgeon, with a big heart!”
– Richie, Amsterdam, Netherlands

“The perfect blueprint of patient-driven care. Dr . Koen de Smet and his whole team really did an outstanding job for me.”
– Jan de Leeuw, Amsterdam, Netherlands

“Diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in the right hip and informed by my Orthopedic surgeon that a THR was indicated and never given a choice for treatment. I’m 51 and very active – dancing and professionally athletic for 25 years. Thank God for being put in touch with Dr. De Smet. I’m amazed at the expertise of him and his team and will forever be grateful. It’s a short recovery compared to the alternative of suffering this debilitating illness.”
– Sue Aglietti, California, USA

“We both had BHR with Koen – I was a left and Cliff was a right. We are ice dancing, ballroom dancing and playing again. We are very happy to chat with anyone about our experience and our fantastic outcome and how wonderful it is to enjoy life again.”
– Pamela and Cliff Jansen, British Columbia, Canada

“I want to tell you how appreciative I am for making me so happy! Perhaps you think you restore hips, but that is only a fraction of what you do; YOU RESTORE LIVES!!! My life has been completely restored and I owe you an immense amount of gratitude. Never a day goes by that I don’t say out loud “THANK YOU DR. DE SMET!”
– Janet Lynda Moulton, Washington DC, USA

“Diagnosed with Developmental Hip Dysplasia, I was told I would require a total hip replacement and would have to give up the things I love most. I’m an avid rock climber and cyclist. I cannot describe the devastation I felt. I heard about Dr De Smet and he literally gave me my life back. I am 6 months “out” and returning rapidly to my former levels of climbing. I feel pulled from the brink of an abyss. Life is wonderful again.”
– Judy Toelle, Washington, USA

“I had a LBHR and couldn’t be happier with the results. I hardly even think about my hip anymore; it feels so natural. I’m back to biking, aerobics, tennis and just enjoying life in general. Feel free to contact me with any questions. I promise to respond as quickly as Dr. De Smet.”
– Donna Goodley, California, USA

“I’m 74 yrs. old and my hip was resurfaced by Koen De Smet. I now walk and am making excellent progress. Dr. De Smet has a superb team & I’m grateful to all of them for being so helpful & caring especially a great physical therapist. If more people knew about the unique excellence of the Anca Clinic and the genius of Koen De Smet they wouldn’t go anywhere else for their hip surgery.”
– Michael Sulman, California, USA

“Dr. De Smet returned me to a normal lifestyle. I am able to enjoy those long walks with my family again. I cannot say enough great things about Dr. De Smet and his team. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.”
– Doug Cox, Michigan, USA

“We own a home that has four levels and a dozen steps between each floor; I sprint up and down those steps like a teenager! I am as active as I ever was and I have no limitations in strength, range of motion, or balance. Friends and family are amazed. I will never be able to thank you enough! I just wanted you to know how happy you have made me!”
– Janet Lynda Moulton, Washington DC, USA

“After long months of pain and research, I came across Dr De Smet. I had the surgery and by the next day, I could walk without pain and within 4 weeks, I was back to normal activities. Dr. De Smet was nothing short of wonderful. He’s the best surgeon and the kindest human being who takes the time to really take care of his patients.”
– Fedra Djourabchi, Los Angeles, USA

“After the excellent surgery and rehab I was able to travel to Paris, Madrid, Barcelona and Rome for 25 days straight without any complications. Dr De Smet and the people he surrounds himself with are all top notch caring professionals who treat each patient like family. I could not have been happier.”
– Jared Manders, Ohio, USA

“I am almost 7 years post LBHR by Dr De Smet. Everything is still GREAT. Just got back from 30 days travelling New Zealand with lots of walking on trails. I will always be greatful to this great doctor for his fine work.”
– Wilson Page, Florida, USA

“It’s two months since I had my left hip resurfaced and I wish to thank Dr De Smet and his team for helping me to regain my mobility. I’m so glad I came to Belgium for the operation. It was a well-organised procedure with a lot of support for the patients and the confidence of being in the hands of an excellent surgeon and team.”
– Olga Leondaris, Greece

“I had a right BHP resurfacing by Dr. Koen De Smet. My entire pre & post-op experience was wonderful! After 1.5 years I am still totally pain-free, have unlimited physical activity and my hip feels like new. Dr. De Smet is a fabulous surgeon and I would return to him without hesitation should my other hip need surgery.”
– Michael Sulman, California, USA

“I received a new hip (ASR) by resurfacing from Dr Koen De Smet. After 2 weeks I could walk easily with one stick and 4 weeks after without. You are in good hands. I can recommend Dr Koen to everyone who needs a new hip. This technology is the solution.”
– Frank Landzaad, Netherlands

“I’m not only pain free and happy I can’t even remember what the pain was like anymore; like a bad dream that you helped me wake from. I feel as if you placed me into a time-machine and took me back 4 years ago…BEFORE the very first twinge of Osteoarthritis. I feel like me, like my old self, as if I were 19 years old again.”
– Janet Lynda Moulton, Washington DC, USA

“Went to see Dr. De Smet and he told me exactly what was wrong with me. Five years of doctors, in Canada, and no one could help me here! He´s a really nice guy and a great doctor; recommend him to everyone!!”
– Diana, Canada

“At 62 years of age, I had bilateral hip resurfacing by Dr. De Smet. My wife and I enjoyed our stay and I returned home a completely new man. Seven months later, I am continuing to thrive, totally pain-free, stronger than ever and forever grateful that we found out about this procedure. We are truly blessed.”
– David Patterson, Texas, USA

“At 65 and post menopausal, I was a US clinical resurface rejection. But Dr. De Smet changed that – free of pain, mobility restored. De Smet was top man in his field. but there was much more. His genius extended into the recuperative aspects of healing with an excellent physiotherapy team and support staff that demonstrated kindness patience and compassion for our ailments. Thanks to all and most especially to Koen De Smet.”
– Ann Lackey, Oregon, USA

“An excellent physiotherapy team and support staff that demonstrated kindness patience and compassion for our ailments, patients came together in an environment that exuded healing of body and spirit.”
– Ann Lackey, Oregon, USA

“I’m a 55 year old Male, now walking, working and have been pain free since the operation for the first time in 3 years. I wish to thank Dr. De Smet for his candor, kindness and care, both in the hospital and at the hotel. The team approach certainly assisted me in my remarkable recovery. I was greatly impressed with the organization and with the coordinated care by therapists and nurses. I also received great support from other “hippies” staying at the hotel. For those considering the resurfacing option, I am very pleased that I travelled to Gent from Canada.”
– Ken Walker, Canada

“I’m a 57 year old male, and was in constant pain for almost 3 years with osteoarthritis in both hips! It’s 12 months since my bilateral hip resurfacing and I have never been so grateful to anyone, as I am to Dr Koen and his marvelous team! Now back in Kazakhstan, I cannot believe that I don’t have ANY Pain whatsoever! Dr Koen & Your Team, Many Many Thanks.”
– John V. Patterson, Almaty Kazakhstan

“I had a RBHR with Dr. De Smet. It has turned my life around. I was a borderline case because the head of my femur had worn very badly and my weight had escalated to well over 400 pounds. I had surgeons advising against resurfacing, but were willing to do a THR while advising me of its possible failure due to my size. I am convinced he is the best surgeon in the world. I have my life back. THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!”
– Lloyd Florence, Michigan, USA

“After suffering with O/A for 9 years, and putting off THR because I was young, I found out about Resurfacing. From 9 years of walking ‘Bone on Bone’ my femoral head and acetabulum were worn out. Doctors told me that it was unlikely that Resurf surgery would be a success, and I would probably wake up to a T.H.R. Dr De Smet was very confident that he could give me a resurf. I have my life back! Thanks Koen!”
– Richie, Amsterdam, Netherlands

“I’m a 57 year old male, and was in constant pain for almost 3 years with osteoarthritis in both hips! It’s 12 months since my bilateral hip resurfacing and I have never been so grateful to anyone, as I am to Dr Koen and his marvelous team! Now back in Kazakhstan, I cannot believe that I don’t have ANY Pain whatsoever! Dr Koen & Your Team, Many Many Thanks.”
– John V. Patterson, Almaty Kazakhstan

“My BHR is a gift from Dr. De Smet from Belgium 11 years ago.  I remember the surgery day as if it were yesterday – I have been out of pain and active since then. Never had a problem and just don’t think about my hip. I am 72 now and hoping to live until I am 100 with the same BHR in my left hip!  I never regret the day I flew to Belgium to have surgery and would do it again, in a heartbeat. Although we have wonderful, experienced surgeons in the US now, Dr. De Smet is one of the most experienced surgeons in the world. Hip resurfacing is an excellent solution for good candidates to return to the sports and activities they love.”
– Pat Walter, USA





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